Where memories are made and traditions are created 

Our Story

The story begins in 1961, yes, this is a third generation endeavor. Interestingly, when daughter Maleea (3rd G), after moving out on her own needed a cutting board. She explored the back yard of the rental house she was living at, only to find an old plank in the dirt. Being the ingenious and creative person she is, she took the old plank, cleaned it up, distressed the face and sanded it until polished smooth. Finished with liberal mineral oil and buffed, then attaching recycled wine corks (yes from home) to make unique feet for the cutting board. And walla... Heritage Boards was born, November of 2010.

Since that day, progress was slow for awhile, but enlisting the assistance of her Father Scott (2nd G), the company has grown and launched website and retail sales in the fall of 2012. It is the goal of the company to produce unique woodcrafts for kitchens across the world. Value in reclaimed, reused, reloved is our theme, knowing for many the joy of the kitchen builds a family legacy above all else. We hope our products can build history in the touch, stain, dent and burn that naturally happens with decades of use. In our family, every great gathering centered around food and food preparation. In these days of fast food and pre-made, those memories are unavailable for many. May you find joy in building and leaving your own Heritage. 

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